The Maker of Reliable Properties

The ARCTRUST group of companies (“ARCTRUST”) is a vertically integrated real estate company that has been responsible for the development, acquisition, and joint-venture funding of more than 500 properties with an aggregate value in excess of $5 billion. 

As the “Maker of Reliable Properties”, ARCTRUST does not simply aggregate properties but creates value by focusing on Preferred Equity Investments, Participating Debt/Mezzanine Funding, and Net Lease Real Estate. Property types include retail, residential, industrial, medical, and self-storage. 

The company operates throughout the United States with a focus on the New York to Florida corridor, and major metropolitan areas with international airports.

ARCTRUST has in house departments of legal, accounting, property management, engineering, development, and investor relations. The management team has a proven track record in all phases of real estate development and investment and has won numerous industry awards.