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ARC International Fund

1401 Broad Street
Clifton, New Jersey 07013
P: 973.249.1000
F: 973.249.1991



Name Title Extension Email Address
Robert J. Ambrosi Chairman and CEO
Michael R. Ambrosi Chief Operating Officer ARCTRUST III 116
Gary Baumann Vice Chairman ARCTRUST III 110
Jocelyn Beckman Senior Paralegal 119
Karalynn Brancatella Paralegal 148
Millie Colon Accounting 103
Lisa DiIenno Vice President Acquisitions 141
Neil Doornheim Vice President Asset Enhancement 143
Silvia Fernandes General Counsel 247
Lisa Gunnels Vice President Investor Relations 124
Jason Kessler Chief Investment Officer 147
James Mabli Real Estate Analyst 120
Steve Maloy Executive Vice President, Acquisitions 114
Rob Martone Executive Vice President, Acquisitions 101
Robyn Mattarochio Accounting 115
Joseph Morena Executive Vice President 113
Bruce Nelson Chief Accounting Officer 105
Apusha Paghdal Senior Project Manager 145
Margarite Papamarkos Executive Assistant 102
Marc Perel President, ARCTRUST Development 104
Gary Sheehan Managing Director of Capital Resources 146
James Steuterman President and CFO, ARCTRUST 303
Chris Dreher Retail Correspondent